Wish They Stayed Babies Forever – Not! 

I hear this phrase all the time: I wish they could stay babies forever! The sentiment is clear – babies are hard to resist. To be fair, they are created that way for a purpose – so we want to take care of them while they need us to survive!

Moreover, as soon as they achieve their relative independence – can confidently take care of their basic needs themselves – they are not so irresistible anymore. Which does not mean we love them any less! They are just no longer “babies” and we don’t drool over them every minute they are around.

Besides, they beauty of babies and the preciousness that goes with everything about them lies precisely in the fact that it’s fleeting! Do I regret not having made all the dozen little footprints of my Little Love on all available media when he was newborn? Or not having recreated all those gorgeous newborn baby photos from Pinterest? Of course I do! But that does not make his current footprints and pictures any less valuable or adorable!
Today, however, this phrase scared me. Because I realized that babies do stay babies forever if they die. Therefore, in no context it is desired.

Still, it happens. To a 6 month old girl who died of pneumonia in a hospital corridor because… There should not be a “because”!!! But there is. The hospital was over-crowded during an epidemic, there were no beds available in rooms and the sick were placed in beds along hospital walls, doctors could not attend to everyone. This little girl burnt in fever. In the hospital. On a bed. In the corridor.

I do not want babies to stay babies forever.

Pictures for Memories or Pictures for Pictures?

Recently we went on a hike to a tiny waterfall here in the mountains. There on the rocks I saw some magical lizards – bright blue with gold, unbelievably fascinating!

Google and Wikipedia tell me they are Plestiodon fasciatus or American five-lined skink .

I was so taken by this wonder of nature that it was only when they all ran away I remembered I had not taken a picture of them (Pictures above are Google Images). But it was OK. After all, I had a chance to SEE these guys with my own eyes, in the wild, not in a picture or TV!

This brought up an old argument discussion with Love: he insists on capturing Every Thing on camera. To me, it often looks like he is observing the surrounding through his phone! And that cannot provide a full picture of reality. I get especially irritated by that when we travel. You see, I want to see, to notice, to observe, to soak in every new place with my own eyes! And nose🙂 And only then I am ready to take pictures. Sometimes, it’s too late and the object’s gone.

Another example is with Little Love. The majority of pictures we have of him were taken by Love. While I sit and admire how beautiful/clever/fast/touching/funny our baby is, Love takes photos of those moments, saving them for the history🙂 I get all angry with him for not enjoying the moment, “This is so important and you are missing it!”. But after I scroll through the photos, I am grateful to him for what he does. Otherwise, many many of these special little moments would have been lost irrevocably as our memory is so unreliable.

In the end, Love is right yet again – pictures are better than no pictures.

But that does not excuse terabytes of useless and annoying selfies on the internet!


Peach Cobbler or so it seems


I feel it’s mauvais ton to post a recipe that I am not making from scratch. It’s like cheating, you know? It’s not in my background not is it in Love’s culture to use pre-made ingredients in cooking, especially when it’s a dessert.

This time, however, the dish was such a success with both of us that I have already cooked it 3 times. Oh, we did test it on a couple we know and they seem to be as hooked🙂


  • 4 peaches

  • 1 cup water

  • 1-2 Tb sp sugar / brown sugar / agave syrup / honey – any sweetener you prefer

  • 1/2 t sp lemon juice 

  • 1/4 – 1/2 t sp nutmeg – optional 

  • Cinnamon rolls dough 

  • Optional: icing and 2 Tb sp of butter 



Peel and cut peaches into however you feel like. I like inch size pieces.

Put them into a pan, cover with 1 cup of water, add 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice and  let simmer on med-low heat for about 15 min. Or less. Peaches should become soft and the syrup should turn caramel color, but PLEASE don’t over-cook as the syrup will burn. 

When the water begins to boil, add the sweetener. I add brown sugar, but feel free to use any of your choice and as much or as little as you like. 

Add the nutmeg – again to your taste. 


Cut each cinnamon roll into 4 or 6 pieces(depending on the rolls you are using). Spread half of those pieces on a baking pan. No need for any sprays, butter or parchment paper. 

Pour the peaches with the syrup over the cinnamon rolls. Cover with the remaining pieces of rolls. Bake anywhere between 12 to 18 minutes (mine usually take 15) at 400 degrees – I strongly recommend follow the instructions on the packaging of your rolls. Mind not to over-bake! 

When done, spread the icing over hot cobbler and put 1/4 inch cubes of butter all around. 


We eat it in 2 settings – one at evening tea time, the rest is for breakfast.

Now, to be fair, I am not entirely sure this is a cobbler. From what I’ve heard, it is not. But we still think it’s delicious, I love making it as it takes 30 minutes from start to finish, easy to make and hard to screw up. In my opinion, that combination is hard to beat!

Let me know what you think and please do share yours if you make it!


When Did Coffee Stop Giving Pleasure?  

​I used to love coffee. I’d say we had warm, tried and true relationship. We were close, it was really special. 

I truly enjoyed my coffee. I took my time making every cup, even if it was instant or Kreuger. Never had I taken it on the run, with one foot out the door. Oh no! 

Our companions have always been carefully chosen – a dear friend, a cinnamon bun, a book, dark chocolate or just milk. Oh, adding milk to my coffee was alike a sacred ritual, secret magic – drop by drop like pearls to a treasure chest, or by a thin silky thread – for just the perfect color, percieved intuitively rather than with a physical eye. 

I never missed its call, never gave it up for something or somone else, I was always ready when it was. Coffee has always been a huge part of my life. The one Constanta there is. Was…

When did we part ways? 
Apparently, a while ago. But it is only today that I realized the sad fact. 

I should have noticed the change when coffee became exclusively instant. With so much milk that it was more milk with coffee than vice versa. 

I missed the sign of decay when I started my second morning cup without ever feeling the taste of the first. 

It went downhill from there. 

Today, when I chose orange juice over a second cup of coffee, it struck me. And it is hard. Because the realization is so fresh, I still have hope that all is not lost and that we can fix this. 

Digging into myself for answers, I found the reason why coffee and I grew apart. 

Not surprisingly, It is because of a third party. Someone who so strongly demanded my time and attention that I could not ignore it. And I made my choice. 

Now coffee is just a drink to get me going, a habit. To take but not to enjoy. 

But as with any issue that is transformative to one’s self, it’s all in one’s head. It’s all in my head. And as soon as I am ready to detach my time and attention from that third party, I will be able to enjoy my coffee again. 

Meanwhile, I have a Little Someone to enjoy, and he is a worthy substitute. 

Addiction: Stimulating and Relaxing

I am an aggressively anti fashionable-hype person. I do not chase Pokemon, I have never played Angry Birds, I can’t recognize a Kardashian. I do however watch Game of Thrones. But I have my opinions about it that are… well, let’s just say that the majority do not see things my way. Here’s what happened when I got curious about one recent popular “thing”.

It could not have escaped you that according to some research of a some surely prominent University, coloring is a most beneficial activity for adults. It is supposed to lower stress levels, help relax and concentrate at the same time, promote creativity and so on and so on. How did we survive up to this day without coloring our lives away?!

I got this coloring book at a dollar section in Target. “Mandala” was what caught me eye, not the coloring bs. The small print explains: “Stimulating and Relaxing Art Therapy”


Beautiful mandalas, good quality paper, each page is subtly pre-colored in pastel hues, unobtrusively suggesting a way, eliminating the fear of a blank page. Really lovely.

Here’s an example:

So,  I took my crayons and…. got hooked. Not relaxed, but surely stimulated. To a point where I cannot do anything else util I finish this picture!

With that said (shown, rather), I must warn you, innocent curious people – coloring is highly addictive! If you have a life – don’t take up coloring. If you want to have a life  -don’t take up coloring! If you are looking for a hobby to keep you distracted for a short period of time – don’t take up coloring! But if you want your life to become much more colorful and “stimulated” – coloring is definitely for you! Give me your address and I will gladly mail you this beautiful coloring book – there is still plenty to enjoy for hours (days, lunch breaks, evenings and nights).