Learning to Express Myself

Since Little Love was born, I have lost the ability to express myself with words in a way that would convey what I am trying to say, to form coherent sentences that would express what I mean clearly or at least understandably. Most times I am painfully dissatisfied with how what I think comes out of my mouth.

It happens daily. Here’s an example:

The other day Little Love and I were at a World Market Cost Plus. He was walking around, grabbing everything in his sight, climbing on every piece of furniture that happened to be along his way – being a regular 1 year old. I was doing my best to protect him and the surrounding from getting hurt or broken – being a regular mom of the said 1 year old.

A guy holding a globe passes by and sais: “I have just started on this journey (i.e. parenthood). I have a 30-day old. Any advice?”

My brain farts, I freeze up for awkwardly long and come up with “Hang on!” To his confused face I explain: “Hang on in there.” His facial muscles relax and he waves good-bye. I, in an attempt to fix the situation, shout out “I will get better!”, but the guy has already left.

I have realized that the conversation went terribly wrong almost immediately. What I should have – and wanted to! – said was

– take it a day at a time

– there are more good days than bad ones!

– first 6 weeks are easy – they only sleep and eat – enjoy this blessed time!

– 6 weeks to 4-6 months are the most difficult – baby wakes up to the world around it and God help you three to settle in to a new routine that you can live by

– exhaustion – physical and emotional – kicks in at around month 3. Drop the bolt on everything but the baby.

– it gets so much fun when they start to crawl!

– and the fun does not end since then🙂

But perhaps, the most important thing – and the only that matters to a new parent, really – I should have said is that every day brings joy and new joys, with the intensity you have not expected.

There. It was good exercise. I put my thoughts into words in a way that satisfies me. Next time someone asks me for advice, I’d be prepared!


I’m back

Hello dear WordPressers! I have missed you so much!

I am back to blogging and this time it’s rock or bust.

I’d like to explain my absence to those few who have been sweetly kind to care to stop by once in a while and to those who still remember this blog.

In October 2014 Love (my husband) and I took a trip to Europe. As filling impression- and sensation-wise as it was, despite tons of photos and stories and places and walks, I could not resume my blogging pace ever since.

Reason is this:

IMG_3405 (1)

Little Love was born in July 2015 and has become my Greatest Challenge, in every sense🙂 So challenging this parenting thing turned out, that Love and I have completely forgotten about our wedding anniversary and remembered about it almost a month after!

In October/November 2015 I tried to return to blogging full-time – even signed up for NaBloPoMo! Just to drop out on week 2 – but I overestimated myself and underestimated the baby. Hence a couple of embarrassing low-quality content posts which I apologize for and will delete in the coming weeks.

Now our Little Love is 1 year old. I am one year more experienced. So, him and I have managed to find common ground on the burning questions of nap time and bed time to a point where I can afford to blog again!

My hope is to publish once a week, as well as participate in Jo’s Monday Walks, some of WP Prompts and Paula’s photo challenges at least once in a while.

To everyone who turned blogging into so much more than journaling  – thank you! Thank you for creating this special community where I feel so good that no matter how much time passes, I always want to return to!

Rotterdam in a Day (part 3)

Last fall, when we traveled through Europe, we spent 1 day in Rotterdam. I did not know anything about Rotterdam other than it’s in the Netherlands and that there’s this remarkable bridge – Erasmus bridge. But that one day became the most vivid memory of our trip (the gardens of Versailles is the second best).  This is where we began our day and this is where we ended up. This post is a promise given to Restless Jo – I’m posting all the photos of Rotterdam we had taken during our visit, except those I had already blogged about.

This is what we saw from the window of our room. To the left is the red bridge we walked on, to the right is the glimpse of the iconic Erasmus Bridge. A freight vessel in the middle.

Some views of the city:

Parks and canals – and ducks🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And finally the icon of Rotterdam – Erasmus Bridge. It’s massive despite its seemingly light and airy construction!  Oh, and its nickname is the Swan🙂


I hope you enjoyed a day in Rotterdam and will consider visiting this fascinating city next time you are around!