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Hidden Jems at Las Vegas Renaissance Fair 2016

Last night I promised to share pictures of the visitors of the Fair that caught my eye. I have made the same promise to the good people who were kind to let me take their photos.    

Last year it were the ladies who shone for me – such taste, such creativity, so much effort invested into costumes! Every single one was an eye candy! 

This year I was pleasantly surprised that whole families dressed up in period costumes to enjoy the Fair:

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Individuals were harder to catch, but I could not resist taking a photo even when they had already passed me by. This girl in particular was so organic and deep in her character that both me and Love just stood there peering at her, instead of approaching and taking decent photos as she deserved! 

Lady Butterfly told me that it took her almost a year to create her magical wings! The frame is welded and attached to door hinges so that the wings could move naturally. The whole construction is carried on a kind of back pack straps and can be taken off when needed.  


More fairies, front and back. Or are they actually birds? 

Princess Xena and Gabrielle20161008_165014A gorgeous elfine princess:20161008_163442

I had a lovely chat with these fine ladies, who are part of a guild. I wish I could stay longer and continue our conversation – it would have been most interesting! Alas – demands of mothering a small kid prevents one from having intellectual discourse… 

20161008_172845All in all, it was a diverse crowd:  

Speaking of diversity, I could not recognize this gentleman, even though I instantly felt I know him. What’s your guess, who is this white-haired guy?


This is all for this year, no more Renaissance here in Las Vegas for me, but it’s a moveable feast 🙂 

Next year I hope to finally have my camera (not a phone) with me and spend a LOT MORE time at the Fair. And I already have a costume!!

Thanks for visiting with me and again – thank you for all the participants and guests for making Age of Chivalry such an amazing event!

P.S. If you see yourself or someone you know in the photos, do make yourself known in the comments! 



9 thoughts on “Hidden Jems at Las Vegas Renaissance Fair 2016

  1. What a feast of creativity, Elena! My daughter would be right at home. 🙂 Last weekend she went to a Fairy Ball in Glastonbury, wearing wings and her wedding frock. Happy Sunday to you!

    1. Ah, she’s lucky! I turn green with envy thinking about how many festivals like that there are in the Old World! I am seriously considering joining a guild to be able to live in other reality more often than one weekend a year 🙂

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