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This is Wrong – on Many Levels!


Is it only me or the slogan “So they can be hungry for more” in an add to help fight child hunger is utterly, unacceptably, enragengly wrong?!

This is an add campaign in my local Albertson’s (a grocery store). This poster is on every check-out stand, just above eye level, passed by dozens and dozens people daily. And no-one has ever paid attention. Even the employees don’t read it. A couple of them came out and started asking what it was that I was taking a photo of.

Here’s my problem with this add and the whole campaign.

How could have such add been created in the first place?? I mean, the process of creating an add is a long one, involving many people of various levels of power and – as we clearly see here – intellect. I simplify, but usually a creative team comes up with a couple of slogans, one of which is approved by a manager, later to be approved by a board. In this  particular instance, How did it happened that NO-ONE saw how outrageous the slogan above is?!

The answer may be in the human nature. We are lazy. We got a general idea of the add from a quick glance – help fight hunger by donating to provide breakfast to those in need. No-one reads the whole poster. Trash magazines with their low-quality photos and screaming headlines are way more entertaining.

Bottom line: hunger is real. It is real for thousands of people even here, in a first world country like the USA. And every penny, every bit, every effort counts and helps.  So, instead of turning away we must pay attention to the problem as well as to an add like this. Begin with paying attention to an add in your grocery store. Campaigns may actually reach their goals if we pay real attention. If not, we will at least get rid of printed adds like in the picture  above.

That’s my Six Word Saturday. Go see what Cate and her guests have to say!

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