Pinterest and Wish Maps – How To?

   I hope you’ve already started collecting images for your 2015 Wish Map, which is due for completion by February 19, 2015.

   The most burning question of creating a Wish Map is: Where do I get those images that perfectly reflect what I want?!


                   Google image

   Back in the day I used magazines. Stacks of glossy magazines. And scissors. I have never really bought any magazines, but I started collecting old ones from anywhere I could lay my hands on them: friends, doctor’s office, Pottery Barn, Ikea, Pier 1 catalogs, etc.  It was a daunting task: find the best fit for the image in my head, get as many pictures enough to cover my whole board, spot the perfect slogan I felt made sense to me, and to cut, cut, cut it all out. Surprisingly, thinking back to those years, I had enjoyed it to A LOT. Perhaps, because the task had a purpose and this purpose was my own. It was not too cook for a husband, to improve typing skills for a boss. It was for me, for myself, doing something that gave me pleasure and was mine alone.

   Today there is Pinterest. For those already using Pinterest, it’s a handy tool in making a Wish Map. Simply looking at your boards and pins will make what you wish for perfectly clear. I have about 30 boards. That is because I organize my pins meticulously.   A board for Coffee Tables, a board for window treatments, a board for places I want to visit, a board for Morocco, a board for cooking – you got the idea. So, my priorities – that is if I had any doubts about it – are my house, travelling, learning to cook, learning Moroccan and doing some sports. Pretty straightforward.

   If you know what it is you wish for, Pinterest is a great resource to find the Perfect Image and pin it to a specially created “Wish Map 2015” board for future use (my own Wish Map 2014 board here).

   But once you are ready to get down to business, meaning to cut-and-paste your carefully selected images onto a physical board,  Pinterest is not much help. Of course, some of you – the tech savvy ones – might be tempted by the short-cut, to save the board as a .PDF file, print it out and have the brand-new Wish Map ready. Well, not all short-cuts are created equal. And this particular one does not suit our purposes.

   Let me explain. I pick a board (Coffee Table DIY), press Ctrl+P (or choose “Print” in your browser menu), in the opened dialogue window choose Landscape layout (don’t skip this step!) and choose “Save as PDF”.

 Here is what I get:

Pinterest_Page_1 Pinterest_Page_2 Pinterest_Page_3

   First of all, I do not need scriptures below every image. Secondly, there is not way to position the pins according to required sectors: Love, Travel, Home, etc. Hence, saving a Pinterest board as a PDF or even printing it right off of the web-site won’t do the trick.

   But do not despair! What I’m about to share is a bit time consuming. But so is cutting out of pictures  from magazines! I save the pins that I need to my PC and print them out as a next step. Besides the obvious absence of comments below the image, this allows me to 1. Choose the size I want the image to be printed out in and 2. Glue the image to where I need it to be.

And here is the best part: all the pictures will have straight corners! No wavy, curly, awkwardly shaped cut-outs that are hard to fit on the board and consequently fill in the empty spots! Win-Win!

  Psst! Same technique can be used to get images from Google – save the image to your PC, print it out in the necessary size and enjoy putting your 2015 Wish Map together!

Wish Map 2015 – A Friendly Reminder

How have your wishes been treating you lately? Has 2014 been generous in making them come true? How is that Wish Map on your wall been doing? Looking good?

I suggest you take a good look at your 2014 Wish Map and gratefully mark off the wishes that became reality.


Don’t forget to take a picture of it before you take it down! Don’t you want to share your accomplishments with the World?

Now that 2014 is over, it’s time to start collecting ideas for the new 2015 Wish Map. The detailed instructions on what to include, how to place and where to hang are here, in my last year’s post on Wish Maps.

Keep in mind that the deadline to have your 2015 Wish Map ready is February 19, 2015, which is the Chinese New Year.

Here’s to imagination and craftiness! Can’t wait to see some of your Wish Maps!

Wind Horse in the Mountains

In Feng-Shui, the concept of personal inner energy and strength is referred to as personal Wind Horse. In any given year, a strong Wind Horse empowers one to notice, grab and benefit from the opportunities the year has to offer. However, if one’s Wind Horse is weak, there is no way to make the best of the year, no matter how many opportunities come along.  It’s quite simple, actually, (that is, provided that you believe in energy) – when you are weak, you can’t perform to the best of your abilities.


Tibetan prayer flags are widely used to strengthen one’s Wind Horse. It’s best to hang a string of these colorful flags with mantras and protective symbols somewhere high in your home or maybe even above the roof.

This year I’ve decided to go further, literally 🙂 I believe that adding a personal touch, like coloring the flags by hand, adds my personal energy to an impersonal store-bought flag. So, I got my string of Wind Horse prayer flags and made many-many black and white copies. Then I took my highlighters and colored the flags in yellow, green, red, blue, leaving some just plain white, according to the colors of 5 elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood. After coloring I made strings of flags, 10 flags on a string, 2 of each color.

On the first Saturday after the New Year, we went to the mountains to hang our Wind Horse flags as high up as we could get 🙂


I think I have already mentioned Mt. Charleston, the highest peak in Spring Mountains of Nevada. It’s a real mountain chain, tiny compared to some others, but significant on our Las Vegas plateau, with the elevation of 11,916 ft (3,632 m). There is even a Ski Resort there 😉 This grand mountain, with four natural seasons, is only some 30 minutes drive from Las Vegas downtown and it blows my mind every single time I go there. This is where we go to get our portion of snow and the feel of the Real New Year!  20121230_14350120121230_132025

20121230_15141720121230_15184220131111_132949    20121230_140113

All that was last year, December 30, 2014. And you can tell I missed the snow!

This year, however, the purpose of our annual mountain walk was different from simply enjoying the snow. We went to empower our personal inner Wind Horses for the upcoming Year of the Sheep/Goat 🙂

This is how it looked:

20150103_14490220150103_14131320150103_141329 20150103_144344

Love was grateful I had only 4 strings of those flags with me, as should I have had more, I would have climbed more trees to hang them on! This time only 3 trees got “Feng-Shui’ed” by my enthusiasm 🙂


20150103_145222I spotted these darling tiny pine cones by their smell – wonderful, fresh nutty smell of pine thus! They were all sticky and so delicious that I brought a handful home, a pity attempt to bring in real winter to the house.

Hope you had a good Real New Year yourselves!

Wind-chimes in Feng-Shui

Wind-chimes are a powerful tool in Feng-Shui, used as cures against negative energies in afflicted zones or as enhancers of good energies throughout. They should be hanged in the corner of a room, by the wall. Despite a common belief, windchimes should never be hanged in the doorways, arch-ways and windows. And of course, there’s a certain type of a wind-chime for every zone.

In Feng-Shui, any space – be it a house, 1 room in a house or even a desk – can be divided into zones according to compass direction. Each of these compass zones are associated with an element.Here’s how:  North with Water,  North East with Earth, East with Wood, South East with Wood, South with Fire, South West with Earth, West with Metal, North West with Metal.

Tubes of a wind-chime should always be hollow. Solid rods have no effect for Feng-Shui. Reason being that a wind-chime works a transmitter of sorts that attracts Chi inside of itself transforming it through sound from negative bearing energy to positive.

As wind-chimes are symbolic, the material a chime is made of, like wood or metal, matters, as well as the number of tubes is important for the anticipated result in a particular zone.

Therefore, to use wind-chimes efficiently, here are a couple things to keep in mind.

For cure of an afflicted zone and protection,
in the East and South East – hang a metal wind-chime
in the Noth East and South West – hand a wooden chime
in the North – hand a ceramic wind-chime

In the West and North West use light, like adding lamps or higher voltage light bulbs  to combat the afflicted zones, instead of wind-chimes.

To enhance the good energy of a zone,
In the East and South East – hang a wooden chime
in the North East and South West – hang a ceramic chime
in the West and North West – hang a metal chime.

Also, note the number of rods in a wind-chime.
For cures, to transform bad energy into good Chi, always use a 5-rod chime made of material corresponding to the element of the zone you want to “fix”.

However, if you want to enhance a certain corner, follow this rule:
2-rod chime to enhance a South West corner
3 rods for the East
4 rods for South East
6 rods for North West
7 rods for the West
8 rods for North East
9 rods in the South

Symbolic meanings of wind-chimes as a cure for a particular affliction is often displayed in an image or statuette above the rods. For instance, wind-chimes with a Wu Lou enhance good health, metal chimes are often adorned with coins and gold ingots for wealth and so on.

Do you have wind-chimes around your home?

5 Element Yin Water Cure to Subdue Aggression in 2014

2014 is a Yang year of Wood Horse, one of three consecutive years when Fire energy is peaking, it’s strong and aggressive.

The element that brings most good fortune in 2014 is Earth, which energizes the year element of Fire. Therefore, placing crystals, river rocks around your home as well as wearing gemstones, preferably of red color,  should attract good fortune your way.

On the other hand Fire, though beneficial, should be contained wisely to prevent overflowing but not to put down completely. Top much of Fire energy causes aggressive conflicts, turbulence in relationships and unpredictable conflicts. To protect the peace of your home, make use of a 5 Element Yin Water Cure. Besides being a powerful tool for balancing energies, the 5 Element Yin Water Cure is also an attractive and unconventional decor element 🙂

The best place for this cure is inside the house, within the sight of your front door. Mine, for instance, is arguably the first thing one notices stepping into the house:


How to make the 5 Element Yin Water Cure:

Take 5 small glasses and fill them with water. Then, place the following color stones into each of the glass, each color into a separate glass, so that the stones are submerged:

Black (or dark blue, as in my case) stones signify Water element. Traditionally, Water represents power and authority. Black stones placed in water amplify the Water energy, which is missing in the annual chart this year.

Yellow stones signify Earth element, which represents Creativity and Intelligence. This year Earth is necessary to keep Fire under control, thus balancing the year’s energies.

White stones signify Metal, which stands for Wealth and Prosperity.

Green stones are for Wood element. Wood is Growth and Resourcefulness. Wood enjoys a powerful presence in 2014 🙂

And red stones signify Fire. Fire stands for Fame and Reputation and though good as it sounds, too much of something is never a good thing. So, symbolically placing Fire element under Water, we keep it under control, to prevent destructive jealousy, violent anger and pointless arguments.20140811_002115You are welcome to use colored glasses, according to the colors of 5 elements, such as these, for example, and there is no restriction on the shape or size!

Untitled 2

Don’t forget to change water and wash the glasses as the water evaporates. And mind that the stones should be completely submerged 🙂

Please share photos of your own 5 Element Yin Water Cures!


Your Lucky Day

Wouldn’t it be great if every day was our lucky day?! Sorry, I am not a magician (not yet) to make this be true always and forever, but there is hope!

Whether you believe in astrology, Feng-Shui and/or karma or consider it all rubbish, my point is simple: if there is a chance that these things work, I am going to use it for my benefit! I mean, why not?!

There are special days, your lucky days, called Days of Vitality, when everything you do should go well. If you are planning an important event, such as a job interview or a opening your business, a wedding, a court hearing, moving into a new house or anything like that, you better schedule it for your Day of Vitality – thus you will secure a better chance for a positive outcome.

On the other hand, there are Days of Obstacles, which is pretty much self-explanatory. It is highly advisable NOT to hold any important events on your Day of Obstacles as on this day chances are that everything that can go wrong, will.  So, do your best NOT to plan anything  significant on such day.

Both, your Day of Vitality and your Day of Obstacles depend on the animal sign of the year you were born in per the Chinese Zodiac.  Refer to the chart below:


If you need to check the animal sign of the year you were born in,  click here.  

I will talk about the meaning of days of the week next Friday

Be safe and good luck!