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Pancake Week 2017, Day 2

I LOVE starting new traditions and I take almost any reason to do it. Pancake Week is no exception. Couple years ago I started a tradition of eating pancakes out somewhere. Last year the gathering was a little disaster and not because the pancakes were bad - they were delicious! - but because Little Love… Continue reading Pancake Week 2017, Day 2

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Pancake Week – You Have Not Tasted This One Before

Not pancakes, not even crepes, though sometimes referred as such, MSEMMEN are a favorite Moroccan treat. These fried envelopes of puff dough are to die for! Traditionally served all deep-dipped in honey-butter sauce with Moroccan mint tea, they are the best for afternoon tea (or my all time favorite late night late night ceremony).    They are… Continue reading Pancake Week – You Have Not Tasted This One Before

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Woman · Cook

Pancake Week – Hand-Written Recipe

In response to the "Write Now... Yes, Right Now!" challenge from PhoTrabloggeer and inspired by Amy from The World is a Book. One of my most valued possessions is a very old recipe book. It's an old notebook, a calendar diary of 1966, to be exact, with yellow pages and torn cover. It's filled with… Continue reading Pancake Week – Hand-Written Recipe


Pancake Week 2015

Guess what? It's the Pancake Week again!!! Check out my last year's posts on Pancake Week to get you started while I go and cook some goodies to show-off 🙂 1. Pancake Week! 2 & 3. Pancakes Around the World: part 1 and part 2 4. Ukrainian Pancakes   Enjoy and see you soon!