No-Sew Wizard Costume DIY (so simple it’s almost magic!) – the Cloak

Ever wished you had a Wizard at hand? I know I did! So I took matters in my own hands et voila – a cone hat and a cloak are traditional attributes of any respectable wizard.


 The whole costume took less than an hour to make. Begin with the magic fabric:


The cloak will be as wide as the fabric (usually 54 or 48 inches). The length is up to you – it can be as long or as short as you wish, just measure the wearer 😉 Mine was 14 inches long.

To make a collar, fold 2 inches along the width. (If you want a higher collar, you can fold 3 inches, but I would not recommend going more than that – the collar won’t stand up right). Then make 0.5 inch cuts along the fold. I suggest make an even number of cuts and don’t space them too closely. Here’s what you need to get:

20151009_120531 20151009_120623

Now take a ribbon, attach a safety pin to one end and thread it through the holes. Tip: start from the outside. Like this:

20151009_120722 20151009_120821

  And you are done! Seriously 🙂


I’ll be honest, making a cone hat that fits your wearer’s head is a bit more tricky and involves some mathematics. So, I’ll leave it for a next post 🙂 Meanwhile, go admire your brand-new DIY Wizard Cloak! And don’t forget to share your pictures!

Happy Halloween!

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3 thoughts on “No-Sew Wizard Costume DIY (so simple it’s almost magic!) – the Cloak

  1. Love the sparkly material, Elena! 🙂 I won’t be masquerading in a cape any time soon, but I know a few people who will. Enjoy! (and what a cute little guy 🙂 )

    1. The whole costume came to me in a flash when I saw the material! Still in love with it myself 🙂 by the way, the little guy was also a DIY, but I can’t guarantee identical results if I post instructions 😉

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