Make an Extra Pocket in 20 minutes – Instructions

As promised, here is a (more or less) step-by-step how-to for the pocket. Or a wallet. What’s best to call it?

20150927_143235    20150927_14325020151002_144542

I wanted this to be real simple, without complicated measurements.

To know how much fabric I need, I simply wrapped the devices I wanted to fit inside in my fabric.

For the width, the fabric should cover HALF of the height on each side, plus half an inch for seam allowance on every side. Like so:20151013_122118

Same technique for the length – wrap, make sure fabric covers half the height of the devices. Now here’s the trick that makes it a really quick and easy project: multiply your length by 3 and then add 0.5 inch seam allowance. This is what you should get – one long strap the width of your devices combined:20151013_125639

We also need a separate piece of fabric, the size of your largest device, plus seam allowance, no height. This is the divider inside the pocket.

 20150927_130143 20150927_124725

I hemmed the top and bottom of both pieces. No need to hem the sides. I chose to sew, but feel free to use the Iron-On or anything else you prefer.

Next step is to fold the fabric. Fold it GOOD SIDES TOGETHER, with the divider piece in between, like you would a letter in an envelope (see the picture above!). Sew on one side. Turn inside out. Put your devices in the pocket and mark where the seam on the other side should be and sew. This might get tricky and may look uneven. But trust me – it’ll look just right in the end. Here are pictures to help:



After you sewed it all together, clip the bottom corners a bit and turn the pocket inside out. Put your stuff in it to make sure everything fits. Hopefully it does 🙂

The last thing is to attach the strap (rope, ribbon, tie – you pick!). Take a small piece of fabric and sew it to the inner side of the pocket cover. It’s clearer from the picture:

20150927_135204  20150927_13522820150927_140112

Now turn the pocket good side out, put your possessions in it and tie it around your thighs (looks way better than around the waist!) 20151013_122448

How did your pocket turn out? I’d love to see it – do share in the comments!

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