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7 Years and Counting

Moroccan Chicken Bastilla

   I met Love 7 years ago today. And we have been together ever since. More together than many never are in their lifetimes.

   From this – one of the very first pictures he took of me – a tiny train station somewhere in the Crimea, Spring 2008:

CIMG0137And this – hosting our first party – Odessa, Ukraine, summer 2008:


 To this – Las Vegas, Nevada, New Year 2015:


   By the way, notice that backpack in the right corner in first picture? Well, it moved with us to the USA and is still a favorite when we go hiking!

   So, what does that strange pie in the beginning of the post have to do with our anniversary? – you ask. That’s elementary!   For one, It’s a most traditional and favorite Moroccan dish for celebration. For two, it’s one of the most taste -full and tastefully diverse dish one can encounter: cinnamon, almonds, chicken, and eggs, layered with paper-thin dough. Which brings me to the conclusion: my Love has made my life as complete, diverse and taste-full as a Moroccan Bastilla.

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