Thursday’s Special: Mermaids, Mandalas and a Ginger

Numinosity Mandala by Cristina McAllister

There is a special magic in prolonged periods of peace and freedom, stress-fee periods when there remains nothing else but to plunge into self. At times like this, after all the movies have been watched, books read, house clean and new recipes tried, what remains? One turns inward, searching memory for hints and hooks of the past attractions and hobbies. But if one is blessed with an unexpectedly vast freedom, the search digs even deeper, into childhood dreams and teenage aspirations. What does such digging reveal? Perhaps, the real you? Not the you that has been shaped by the etiquette, the norms, and the limitations of the surrounding. But the you that is lighter, brighter and still believes in fairies (remember Peter Pan?)

Once, I was a mermaid.

Found on via Pinterest

That is the me that has finally dug itself from under piles and piles of years of unnecessary pressure, “shaping by the society”, as I call it.

Pinterest via Etsy

This last one is specially for Paula, with gratitude for her creativity and the wish to share. Grow a ginger! 

Found on via Pinterest


16 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Mermaids, Mandalas and a Ginger

  1. That’s a beautiful mandala, Jouena. 🙂 I’d make a terrible mermaid as I’m a poor swimmer. I’d just have to sit on the rocks all day, splashing my tail in the ocean!

  2. Great post – being a mermaid sounds like a wonderful thing to be. I love the ocean – I can relate to how you feel.

  3. Andersen’s Little Mermaid is the saddest stories of all, and I can only see them as tragic (blame on him 😉 ), but I get your beautiful message, Elena. Losing oneself to fulfill the roles that others impose on us is even more tragic, so I am happy to see her in you!
    …I wonder what it would take for me to grow ginger; with the amount of ginger tea that I consume daily, it would certainly be more economical. This is a very inspiring post – very apt for my TS. Thank you so very much 🙂

    1. oh my, I have totally forgotten Andersen’s Little Mermaid! You see, I am a product of Disney’s Ariel, therefore, complete Americanized change of perspective and safe childhood 🙂 And that ginger root reminded me of your green fella – give it a try!

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