Laundry Window Treatment DIY – Roman Shade and a Valance

There’s been a time when our laundry room window looked like this:


Pathetic, I know. Now it looks like this:

20140916_072134And THAT is a lavender plant! Isn’t that a dream?! No, definitely not a dream.  It’s my bright reality!

I have been hunting this particular fabric for a couple months. It was love at first sight. But just like in any good romance, there was a most serious obstacle in the way. The price. $29.99 per yard. My only option was to wait and hope. Which I did. And just like in every good fable and fairy tale, patience paid off. I got a 52″ x 84″ curtain of this fabric for $10!

Roman shade was what I wanted and with the help of tutorials from the faithful Pinterest (here and here), I have something to admire:



 As a rule, a DIY project is always a unique experience, no matter how perfectly one follows a tutorial. So, here are some tips that came up during my Roman Shade DIY.

1. Hang your Roman shade INSIDE the window frame, ONLY if a window is framed. Hang the shade OUTSIDE the window frame if a window is unframed.  DO NOT DO LIKE I DID. Unfortunately, I realized my mistake too late. Learn from it. You will be rewarded with a better look – you room will feel fuller with less bare walls.


See what I mean?

 2. Avoid gluing fabric over and around the top lock bar of the mini shade. The fabric glued around the bar will not allow the lock to “click” completely and fix the shade in place securely. Also, learnt the hard way. My shade can fall down altogether if I pull the cord too hard or too quick. So, keep safety in mind!

DON'T DO LIKE THIS - for your own safety
DON’T DO THIS – for your own safety

 3.  Valance. Better longer than even a bit too short. Just trust me on this one. Even 1 inch makes a HUGE difference when it comes to valances. Originally, mine was 8 inches long, which is OK length for a valance. But in my room it looked like those pants too short for a boy. One added inch made the whole thing look nice and pretty.

 4. The most useful tip: use hot glue. If you screw up, you can always scratch it off the fabric and plastic once it dries. I had to do it a couple times during the making of my Roman shade 🙂

Bottom line: DIY Roman Shades are awesome, easy to make and a money saver, all 3 goodies in 1! Can’t beat that. Look at the before and after if you need more evidence:


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