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I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am waiting for my own sewing machine! And not just any sewing machine – my very own Singer sewing machine!

A side-note: I do not know how to use the machine. The only 2 times I have ever used a sewing machine was in middle school. We had to sew an apron and a skirt for our crafts lessons. So, with the help of my grandmothers, under strict supervision, I stitched the skirt on a modern Jaguar and an apron on a beautifully crafted old-fashioned mechanical machine, with a foot pedal, assembled with a table.

It is only natural that I hold the mental images of that machine deep in my heart. As sad as it is, I have no photos of my own… You see, back in the day, making a photo was a valuable experience and people did not go around snapping shots of every trifle that crosses their eye. That is why such mundane thing as a sewing machine, image-perfect as they were, hardly ever appear in old photographs. However, thanks to technological advancement, we are able to see some curious decades-old images.

Via Pinterest by Patricia Johnson Powers
Via Pinterest by Patricia Johnson Powers

 This one is quite a rarity: the signage reads  “National Sewing Machine”. Check out the emblem!

Via Pinterest found on
Via Pinterest found on
Found on
Found on

But I have saved the best for last. These are the advertisements of Singer sewing machines in Russian! I could not find when these posters we re made, but from the spelling of “Singer” in Russian as well as from the outfit of the ladies,  I dare assume the posters were produced for the pre-Soviet Russia, the beginning of the 20th century.
Via Pinterest found on
Via Pinterest found on

If you by any chance have photos of an old sewing machine that had been in your family,

you are most welcome to share them and your memories in comments and pingbacks!  

14 thoughts on “My Preshsss

  1. My mom has an old Singer sewing machine just like in the third to last photo. She’s actually sewing my wedding dress on it now…and I’m documenting every step of the process, because both the dress and the sewing machine are so beautiful! I’ll post them on my blog once the dress is no longer a secret 🙂

    1. ROFL!!! How did you guess?! I would LOVE to have one like Mercedes, in picture 4. My hope is that my maternal grandmother still has hers hidden deep under her bed waiting for the day to shine in MY home. You know how attached I am to old family stuff! As for my new beauty, make no mistake, you will see her as soon as she makes her way home [sighs deeply, rolling her eyes longingly]

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