Drapery Dilemma

I am still working on adding character to our dining room.  I would love to paint it, but am not allowed to just yet. So, among the few options I have available, curtains or drapery is the best to do the job!

The ceiling in our dining room is high and vaulted, with a sweet semi-moon window way up there. The windows are standard rectangular windows with horizontal shades, which are not going anywhere! – we are in Vegas, remember?!

Here is what I came up with for the drapery in our dining room – hooks!

As in “Instead of boring rods”. Just look at these sophisticated drapes: 

Or these airy curtains:



















What I would not give to have this backyard!  

However, this is my personal favorite – this is the perfect match between my vision and reality. This is exactly how I want my dining room drapes to look! 


houzz.com via Pinterest

What do you think? Any preferences? 


8 thoughts on “Drapery Dilemma

  1. I love the idea, it gives a really striking finish and makes a feature out of the drapes. I always think that too often something which can be very expensive is not made enough of. i tend to go for very bland decor with striking drapes/curtains so that they are the feature their price tag deserves.

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