The Narrows @ Zion

The Narrows is a hiking trail in Zion National Park. But is in no way your average walking trail! Hiking in the Narrows, you walk IN the river, along the river. It’s quite a strenuous 9.5 mile round trip hike, which takes 8 hours on average. We started from the bottom, at the Temple of Sinawava, along a nicely paved road along the river. Then it was time to step in 🙂 And walk. And walk. And then walk some more.

Stop on every other step to gasp in awe at the surrounding mesmerizing scenery.

20140629_141703 20140629_144406 20140629_150003 20140629_151448 20140629_152612 20140629_152618 20140629_161603 20140629_162540 20140629_17360820140629_162957 20140629_163249

Until the time has run out…

I only wish the day could be as long as I need it to get enough of this magical place!


8 thoughts on “The Narrows @ Zion

  1. WONDERFUL, Jouena ! – quite stunning ! Eight hours of this shows how fit you guys are ! – did you swim, too ? I think I espied someone in her bathers … I see that you take Route 15 from Las Vegas and drive NE, and there you are: here’s hoping there might be some more of these fabulous shots from you …

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