Let’s Nook! Reveal

Last week, another one of my wishes/plans turned into my reality. I am talking about the transformation of my bay window from a bland spot to the Perfect Breakfast Nook! It took a lot of planning and Pinteresting, but the result is most satisfying!

This is what the place looked like BEFORE:


Good space, lots of light – ah, you should see the first sun rays in here! – as cozy as they come. But bland. Void of color and personality. MY personality, that is 🙂

A whole week into making – dust, noise, mess, time wasted on extra trips to hardware stores and frustration – all included in abundance!

20140613_16214220140615_015048 20140616_070610

And here it is – My very own DIY Built-in Breakfast Nook Storage Bench!




 Meanwhile, I am looking into having a seat cushion made. But Las Vegas is not a very make-your-cushion friendly city, so it’ll take some more time, especially with the ridiculous prices on foam (groan)…

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11 thoughts on “Let’s Nook! Reveal

  1. I just love the cozy feel of built-in bench seats – yours looks fabulous and totally changes the feel of your space. And I’m hearing you on the cost of foam – it’s crazy! Thanks for sharing on Best of the Nest!

  2. That’s incredible to me.
    I can cook anything, I will eventually get the hang of photography, but put a hammer in my hand and you’re guaranteed destruction. 😉
    What’s the view from that bay window, anyway?

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