Let’s Nook

Since my first step into our house, I knew I wanted a built-in banquette in our breakfast nook. Think about it – there it is, a feature that’s been on my Dream Home List since forever, a bay window breakfast nook! Of course all I hear is how loudly it shouts out for a built-in bench! Preferably, with storage 🙂

Sure enough, I have a very good idea of how exactly I want my breakfast nook to look. But there is always room for more inspiration!

Cozy and rustic:


Found on caitlincreer.com

Found on caitlincreer.com

Classy and irresistible:

Found on  sharehomedesign.com

Found on sharehomedesign.com

Sunny, airy and delicious:

Found on myhomeideas.com

Found on myhomeideas.com

Eclectic, as they put it nowadays:

Found on chiccoastalliving.blogspot.com

Found on chiccoastalliving.blogspot.com

And my personal favorite:

Found on thekitchn.com

Found on thekitchn.com

Which would make your morning coffee taste perfect?


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