30-day Challenge

You know, Pinterest is a highly addictive place. An abyss of things you do not need and have never even thought of, but which you end up liking, pinning and – gasp!- implementing!

Being in an uplifted sport mood these days, I have decided to make a commitment to work out. And as well know, there is no easier way to commit  than to take up a 30-day workout challenge!

These are the ones I have chosen for myself:


I have chosen this Abs challenge among dozens others because first of all and Most Importantly, it does not sound TOO crazy for my crunching abilities. Secondly, it suggests 3-4 different exercises instead one repeated till you pass out. Thirdly, it recommends to rest every third/fourth day, which allows muscles to restore.  

Now, regarding this one  below. Besides an eye-catching picture, this challenge is within the reasonable, commonly accepted limit of squat repetitions. And I am going to do this.

35cb2e338e9764b12445b7e67c2dfed3  Starting today!   


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