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Signs of destiny and one stunning kitchen

I have already confessed that I LOVE signs. Not road signs! Signs in life, those if translated correctly come together is a wonderful picture of one’s destiny. 

This is a short (by no means complete) story of how I got to live with THIS kitchen:


There was this one balcony on my way to the farmer’s market. It was perfectly outstanding and magically attractive for the obvious reason that looked totally unique, as no other balcony on the downtown. The usual metal protective cage was decorated with grape vine. Metal grape vine, with leaves and fruit. So, I have been walking past it at least once a week, always wondering about the people who had been living there. Artists? Or very rich people with taste (a rare combination in Ukraine, unfortunately)? Or what? And so it went on, me here – the mysterious balcony there, for a couple of years.


Until one day I had to look for a new apartment. I am not going to bore you with the account of long busy and extremely exhausting weeks, dozens of visits to unattractive, or beautiful but unsuitable apartments, fights over and against a particular one that either of us did not fall for and so on. At the time when I was almost ready to give up on the search (because by then I have actually exhausted the market supply, meaning I have literally visited every available apartment in my preferred area, whether it matched my wish-list or not), stumbled on a description of an apartment that sounded suitable, but far from exciting. I arranged the visit, not even suspecting anything. While waiting for the real estate agent, underneath my mysterious balcony, I could not even dream about what was going to come.

Imagine my surprise (!) when we were taken to the apartment with the balcony!! Moreover, the apartment turned out to be the Best I Could Have Ever Dreamt About!!  You know what is the Very Best part of the whole story? Love loved the apartment as well!!! No fights! No doubts! This was IT! We moved in in three (3) weeks.

This is a 500 liter fish tank. Completely automated. A whole world that requires only to be fed once a day.
This kitchen is a design masterpiece. Besides being of the perfect shade of red, it offers the ultimate use of space, storage enough to hold all my wardrobe and looks stunningly jaw-dropping!
Do you see that widest window-sill? With mini shelves along the walls!

I only regret not having made more pictures of the rest of the apartment – it is as stunning, space efficient and comfortable as the kitchen. Well, maybe one day, when Ukraine finds its way to unity, national identity, peace and dignity…


4 thoughts on “Signs of destiny and one stunning kitchen

  1. Wow … what a marvellous time that must have been, Jouena! But you know, until the end I didn’t get it that it was then, not now … because I have NO IDEA what Las Vegas looks like. Still, it was a really nice kind of upbeat ending, the registering of your hopes … and we all share them, you know. Big hug.

    1. 🙂 hug in return! And a special thank you for the support – I cry these last two days when watching all those terrifying videos! I can’t help but think of my dear grandmother who survived WWII and for what?! For me to witness the mass murders of our people of its own kind… It’s heartbreaking, and beyond any words…

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