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Love me true, Never let me go

You know how it happens – you got something on your mind for months and it’s not that it’s bugging you to the point of discomfort, but it’s just sitting there, in your head, until suddenly you receive an e-mail or hear a piece on the radio and it “clicks”.

That’s exactly what happened to me this morning.

You see, I have a couple of girl friends – beautiful young women, talented, intelligent, caring and fun to be around – who are looking, or rather – waiting for a partner. The real good kind of a partner for life, who could support and appreciate, with whom to grow and develop, a partner who would make the girl never regret being a woman. And such breed is rare to come by these days… Unfortunately, I am sure the young men are experiencing the same issues looking for the right girl…

And though it is beyond my power to bring my girl-friends to their perfect partners, there are ways I could help speed up the search and maybe even improve the chances for success in this endeavor. I am talking about Feng-Shui, people! Not that it’s a universal cure, a fix-it- all tool, but this ancient practice is so widely popular that there should be something to it, right? I almost wanted to say “Feng-Shui has proven success record”, but I know too well how many skeptics are around there, so I’ll save them the trouble to argue.

Here are some nice recommendations, given by Lillian Too. She calls them grandmotherly superstitions. Ain’t it sweet?

Lillian Too has  written an article on the “Victorious Valentine” about the sure-fire age-old feng shui rituals that will bring greater love essence into your life. Here are a few of the rituals, what I like to call “grandmotherly superstitions” that may just do the trick for those of you looking for love and marriage this year.

    1. Good Things Come In Twos…remember the Taoist belief that bad things always come in threes and good things always appear in twos? So when you arrange a date or an outing it is a good idea to “double date” but not a good idea to have three couples out together. It’s great to go out twice in a row if things are good…but if things are not good they get repeated three times so do something to block or change the energy of 3 since this number has hostile connotations.

    1. To Marry A Rich Man…this is another old Chinese Taoist secret. If you want to catch a rich husband you should still be living with your parents when you carry out this ritual. Get some of the soil and some water from your house, and take it to his house and scatter soil and water in front of his house. This works better if it is his family home. Next take some water and dig some soil from his house and bring it back to your house dispersing both in your garden. The deeper inside your garden, the better. When you do this, you are establishing a very good foundation for your two families to become one family.It is a very powerful way also of ensuring that his family will embrace you as a favoured daughter-in-law.

    1. To Find A Good Man…if you are a single woman and you want to meet someone with whom you an develop a serious relationship, then wear a yellow gold ring on your right index finger. This will definitely create the causes and conditions for you to meet a very nice eligible man within three months. Then after meeting the man, to ensure it can lead to an engagement and a proposal of marriage, wear the same ring on your right middle finger. This is an old Chinese secret!And for married women…wear a ring on both your ring fingers and your husband will always love you. Your husband will never leave you for another woman. In this case it’s better if one ring is gold and the other ring is jade!

    1. Place a Picture of You Two Under the Buddha. An old belief passed down from mother to daughter that is said to be very powerful is to place a picture of the two of you smiling and happy under a statue of the sitting Buddha. It can be any Buddha, and it brings blessings for your relationship to grow from strength to strength.

  1. Rejoice If You Spill Some Sugar…in spiritual feng shui beliefs, even the simplest things that occur through each normal day signify forthcoming good or bad energies. Spilling sugar accidentally for instance signifies an upcoming wedding within the family. This is something that manifests auspicious unseen forces working in your favour. They are powerful, these unseen forces, and they have a kind of power that is quite cosmic, so when you spill some sugar and you are single…REJOICE! It means you will be getting married soon and it will be a happy occasion.
Disclaimer: The above piece is taken from  Lillian Too’s Free Mandala Ezine, VOLUME 2, ISSUE 235, February 19, 2014. The above article is not mine, I do not own any rights. Once again, I am grateful to Lillian Too and her team for sharing and spreading Feng-Shui knowledge and I recommend anyone interested in Feng-Shui to check out

3 thoughts on “Love me true, Never let me go

  1. Well, my lamb … I am obliged to say that we have finally reached an area in which we are not in complete agreement! It was always going to happen. 🙂

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