Soul of Morocco – Oum

I have decided to post a video of music that inspires me, music very different from the main stream, not known, but often deeply sensual, spiritual and enlightening.
I feel a Moroccan singer OUM and her “Soul of Morocco” is the perfect introduction


6 thoughts on “Soul of Morocco – Oum

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  2. Not only is it FABULOUS, but it’s a music video that I actually enjoy, Elena! Who wants all that insane cutting and mad images that make no sense, when you can see the musos, the environment, the instruments, the singer and get the knowledge of where they all are …? To be able to watch and enjoy and well as enjoy the listening is pretty unusual, it seems to me.
    Absolutely terrific!

  3. That is stunning, so beautiful! I don’t mean to cause you any trouble, but I’d appreciate a list of any other artists with the same sounds. I’m from Ghana, and this reminds me so much of it. The clothes, the colours, the culture, the people; it’s a shame music like this isn’t heard by more people.

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