Wish Map

What I really love about a New Year is a new Wish Map!

You see, a Wish Map is practically the only DIY/craft project I undertake. And this infrequency is about to change this year! I mean, I am planning to do, make and DIY more in 2014. And this will be reflected in my Wish Map for 2014!

I have been making Wish Maps for about 5 years now. Here are some of my Maps, cropped from photos of various years and apartments:

Wish Map 2012


Wish Map 2011

Untitled 2

Wish Map 2010 (a piece seen above Love’s shoulder on our wedding day) 

UntitledSomehow, the last year’s Wish Map did not want to be completed despite all my effort…

But this year I will not only have my New Wish Map completed on time, but I will show you how make your own!

Check back in a day or two for instructions, explanations and the theory behind the whole idea. Meanwhile, start making a list of ALL the things – material and spiritual – you want to have and achieve in 2014 and start VISUALIZING them!

7 thoughts on “Wish Map

    1. I’ll count my blessings at the end of the year – I am quite superstitious when it comes to sharing deepest plans and wishes. BUT! from personal experience throughout the years of making Wish Maps, the most wanted invariably come true! Just look at my life journey for proof 🙂

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